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Great for gaming, terrible for desktop work
November 15, 2021
the neo g9 is an awesome monitor. only on paper unfortenately. i had to order 3 times to get past the horrible quality control of samsung...
MrJuggle · Review provided by samsung.com
Buggy mess of a display
December 21, 2021
purchase and shipping experience was great. issues 1. the osd refuses to save settings changes. i have the newest firmware available, and...
Chris · Review provided by samsung.com
Had 2 monitors, both faulty
March 31, 2022
the first one of theses i bought had a very loud burst of static audio every few minutes or so, making the monitor almost unusable whethe...
· Review provided by samsung.com
fully test do not settle for less
June 08, 2022
bought this monitor and noticed from time to time the image quality in certain game screens and colors on webpages were terrible. sometim...
SRT1 · Review provided by samsung.com
Great when it was working.
August 11, 2022
beautiful 240hz 1440p screen that died after a month of use. it ran well with a rtx 3090 high frames. just today august 10,2022 i was hea...
Yaderb · Review provided by samsung.com
July 17, 2022
i am very disappointed with several things about this monitor. 1. the ambient lighting is utterly worthless, it is not nearly bright enou...
TommyD · Review provided by samsung.com
Monitor is phenomenal until it isn’t
July 29, 2022
bought the g9 in november 2020. the monitor works phenomenally for the first 18 months until i start using it with several computers (mac...
Beto · Review provided by samsung.com
240 HZ didn't work out of the box
July 18, 2022
i got the device recently everything was working until i turned on the most important feature that is advertised 240hz!!!!! the device wo...
LordRGB · Review provided by samsung.com
Where is the gaming functionality?
December 13, 2021
monitor has great visuals but i/o doesn't make sense for a gaming monitor. where is the usb-c? where are other display port connectors? t...
tdalias · Review provided by samsung.com
Don't buy
January 25, 2022
bought the g70a on a black friday sale out of desperation to get a 4k monitor with hdmi 2.1 to play on my xbox series x and my pc with a ...
tommy · Review provided by samsung.com
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