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Color is misrepresented
December 03, 2020
I went on the website looking for Brown pens. When I typed that in these alpha pens popped up. They said the color was taupe and it looke...
Sorely disappointed · Review provided by pens.com
Ink runs out quickly
June 10, 2022
I hand the pens out to clients after the sign documents and more than 50 pens at this point have run out of ink quickly. They are running...
lawlady · Review provided by pens.com
I would NEVER buy another item from this Company again!
February 27, 2018
I ordered 100 pens for this company (for a deal of $0.59/ea) for our Historical Committee. With shipping and handling the cost doubled an...
Patti · Review provided by pens.com
Red is actually Maroon / burgundy.
December 05, 2017
As I type this the description of colors still says RED. It should not. In a perfect world when someone reports a color error it would be...
Beastblade · Review provided by pens.com
November 16, 2018
I would never by from this company again. They never sent me the pens that I ordered. They did however deduct the funds from my banking a...
· Review provided by pens.com
November 28, 2017
I ordered these pens on 10/27/17 and its now 11/29/17 and still no pens! Excuses after excuses to "its awaiting shipment". All LIES! It w...
TOTALLY DISGUSTED AND ANNOYED · Review provided by pens.com
Be vey careful on the colors you order
July 21, 2022
There should be guidance on how the pen will look. You can hardly read the writing on my pens, and i was going to use them for advertising.
Ni business owner · Review provided by pens.com
No way to refill ink
January 18, 2018
The pens are wonderful & our entire office loves how smoothly they write. However, once they run out of ink, there is no easy way to get ...
Rae · Review provided by pens.com
Not purchasing again...
December 18, 2017
We ordered blue ink and it is almost PURE purple. We have had customers come back and complain about the ink. After speaking with a rep, ...
Jay · Review provided by pens.com
This is a SCAM! Do NOT buy these products
January 18, 2019
You can not see your order until after you place it. Shipping costs are $30 - yes, THIRTY DOLLARS! And there is a set-up fee of $17. That...
· Review provided by pens.com
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