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Great phone for the most part
December 20, 2022
The S21 Ultra is a good phone for the most part! Pros: Great camera which takes crystal clear photos and offers various editing features....
AngiePants · Review provided by samsung.com
The Best 5G phone even a year later
October 31, 2022
Samsung makes quality products that are durable. With frequent updates my phone always has the latest Android version so I can enjoy the ...
Galand92 · Review provided by samsung.com
Fantastic device!
October 23, 2022
This is the nicest phone I've ever owned. I've owned several galaxies throughout my life and while they've a been fanatic, this is the be...
magzredzz · Review provided by samsung.com
Awesome Phone. great features
September 22, 2022
Purchased the S21 Ultra to replace my S20. Have had the device for over 1 year at this point and it has been an amazing experience overal...
Al3azim · Review provided by samsung.com
Beautiful photos and vids
May 22, 2022
I bought the S21 Ultra a couple of months ago and love the camera. I post pics every day from it on my Facebook page and the one comment ...
EricMoon · Review provided by samsung.com
Love this phone. Picture quality is amazing
October 26, 2022
I upgraded from my beloved s9+ and I am not disappointed. It's a little larger, but that's easy to overcome. Longer battery life, graphic...
Tinyyturbo · Review provided by samsung.com
Amazing Phone!
April 11, 2022
I have been using Ultra since Samsung came up with that line. S21 is amazing in every way. I also get a new phone every year, however but...
Yazi · Review provided by samsung.com
New and Improved
May 16, 2021
Most people think of Samsung and think of their old devices. Samsung has yet to receive the actual credit they deserve for attempting to ...
Jeremiah Horton · Review provided by Google
April 10, 2021
So impressed with the S21 Ultra, I've never gone for a latest edition of a phone but I'm so happy I did. The phone itself preforms amazin...
Meg98 · Review provided by binglee.com.au
Expensive but flawless operation, so far...
February 09, 2022
I purchased this phone directly from Verizon in Sept '21 after breaking my third Motorola. The price was a real mental hurdle in the buyi...
CincyBengalFan · Review provided by vzw.com
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