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My Last Samsung Phone (not in a good way)
October 06, 2022
I am not with AT&T, but this was the only option for the S21 Ultra 128gb. I purchased this phone from Samsung unlocked. My biggest compla...
Donali219 · Review provided by samsung.com
Miss my LG G6
February 18, 2022
Never had a Samsung before. Previous phones were Nexus 5, LG G4 then LG G6 (which I loved, but wanted a better camera and video quality)....
Misschewy · Review provided by samsung.com
A truly unspectacular phone
September 19, 2021
This phone is truly a step down from how good the higher end Samsung phones have been. I upgraded from a Note 10+ 5G to this S21Ultra bec...
BryBryJ · Review provided by vzw.com
Awkward to hold
May 29, 2022
I have had this phone for a matter of days. With the power and volume buttons occupying almost one half of the right side, I am finding t...
sm75 · Review provided by vzw.com
Give me back my S7!
September 12, 2021
I was "encouraged" to upgrade my fading S7 for a new S21 5G recently. My trusty S7 was "inherited" from my late husband and it has perfor...
Grumpy Old Woman · Review provided by samsung.com
Don't leave your S10 for the S21
August 07, 2021
Ever since I started using this phone, I've been left with one thought coming up over and over, this just isn't as good as my S10 Plus. ...
Brian M · Review provided by Google
S21 Ultra
February 25, 2021
I gave it 3 stars because there are a few things I dislike or need improving. With the UI 3 you cannot shorten the screen to remove the c...
Camelot · Review provided by binglee.com.au
December 24, 2022
I got this last year for my Christmas present but came almost 2 oaths late in the mail! Super slick and prone to slip outta your hands wi...
Jessjess · Review provided by samsung.com
It is a phone that is a multimedia device
August 17, 2021
I've used the Galaxy S2, S5 and now upgraded to S21 (I know, I keep my phones forever), but here is the review: Pro: Better processor, be...
Edaja · Review provided by samsung.com
Samsung has missed the mark with this phone...
September 04, 2021
Everything about this phone's internal radios, display, lens and image sensor, speaker, processor, etc is amazing! This thing is visually...
GunNut37086 · Review provided by att.com
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