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January 19, 2022
I love the S21Ultra's amazing resolution & incredible camera. That's a pretty short list compared to what I dislike: 1. Design- To power ...
S B (Saskia) · Review provided by Google
Over priced, under delivers and FRAGILE!!
December 16, 2021
I've been a huge fan of Samsung since the I phone 5, after nothing but problems with that apple product I switched to Samsung and never l...
Jake63975 · Review provided by samsung.com
Worst Samsung Phone Ever - Miss My Note 10
September 24, 2021
Buyer Beware! I've been loyal to Samsung for many years; favorite phones were the Note 5, 9, and 10. Wanted a Note 20 but the 512GB model...
DMcBride07 · Review provided by att.com
Wasted time and money
December 03, 2021
I traded my note 10+ for the new S21 ultra and it was by far the worst decision of my life! I have a hard time believing that the reviews...
Trevor Wagner · Review provided by Google
Fragile and poor manufactures warranty
March 25, 2022
The phone is fast and works fine until the screen breaks 2 times within a 45 day period. If you sit at a desk, have white hand gloves, th...
Benjamin Adams · Review provided by Google
Absolute worst $1200 I’ve ever spent.
November 06, 2021
1 star is too much. Not only was this phone expensive but their customer service is also terrible. Many issues with this phone includin...
Brianna Bevins · Review provided by Google
Known to over heat
March 01, 2022
Bought the s21 ultra from Samsung Austrlia store, easy to purchase and arrived 2 weeks before official release date. Takes amazing photos...
Hdsydneyau · Review provided by samsung.com
Will NEVER be able to list every problemor inconvenience on here. S21 is COMPLETLY BROKEN! . Samsung is being SABOTAGED or SOMETHING!!!!!!!!
April 11, 2021
Phone is trash! Constantly finding new problems NONE OF SAMSUNG APPS WORK PROPERLY . ITS NEVERENDING BUTTONS DONT WORK, makes NO SENSE. ...
Chris Cargill · Review provided by Google
Expensive JUNK failed within ten minutes...Many being sold as "PARTS" for same reason!
November 28, 2021
JUNK! Screen died within ten minutes while setting it up - so do many others! Why are so many for sale as "Parts"? Because these phones a...
geomarr · Review provided by ebay.com
Trash, absolute overpriced trash
July 17, 2022
Bought it to replace OnePlus 7 pro cause the battery life sucked after 3 years. To my surprise this phone wasn't any better. After many m...
Fabian B · Review provided by samsung.com
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