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Some good ideas, but undertested by real users?
October 07, 2021
Really frustrated that the phone's dimensions are now just large enough that it can no longer be easily operated with one hand, like the ...
Melissa R2021 · Review provided by att.com
Impressive mobile device
March 14, 2021
Size: palm perfect. Form: thoughtfully tailored. Function: continually impressive. Experience: top notch. I chose to switch to iOS after ...
BKBK · Review provided by vzw.com
Mini but mighty!
November 13, 2021
I was so excited when this phone launched last year, I've been waiting so long for a newer flagship iPhone to be more on the compact size...
Fudgy · Review provided by att.com
The worst iPhone I have ever had
January 11, 2022
I started with iPhone 3. I upgraded from iPhone 7 to iPhone 12 mini and I miss the 7. No glitches, no heating issues, no battery drain, a...
Anarj · Review provided by vzw.com
August 06, 2022
I enjoy all Apple products. I currently have an iPhone 12 Mini in light green. As with all iPhones this runs on the iOS operating system....
jennifer.e · Review provided by influenster.com
Great upgrade for current iPhone in 2021 forward!!
January 06, 2022
I bought this iPhone on Nov 26, 2021 (Black Friday) and so far has been a great upgrade coming from an iPhone 8 Plus. It’s smaller than m...
DeniseM · Review provided by walmart.com
Battery issues on the second day
January 07, 2022
The phone glitched the second day I had it. It was fine one second, and then it immediately went dark. While I held it in my hands, the s...
Lk24 · Review provided by vzw.com
I like it: iPhone 12 mini - 64GB - Blue
January 22, 2022
So far, I like it. I was very hesitant to replace my first-generation SE, for a number of reasons, including especially: the size, the sq...
MLLEGN · Review provided by att.com
Beyond disappointed with the iPhone mini!
September 04, 2021
I was super excited about the mini when I first purchased it; what a disappointment it’s been!!! I even returned my first one thinking t...
Linda Smith · Review provided by Google
Water baby
March 01, 2021
I bought this phone because my beloved SE finally succumbed to water damage despite the waterproof case. I am a kayak instructor and whit...
River Mom · Review provided by att.com
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