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Overheats, buggy, would not buy again
October 11, 2022
When used for video conferencing, my pixel 6 Pro consistently overheats and shuts down within about 30 minutes. I contacted Google warran...
Michael Magras · Review provided by Google
A top tier phone for a fraction of the price!
September 08, 2022
Fantastic flagship high end, of a mid-tier smartphone class But totally worthy of top tier competition! Why spend over $1000 for a top ti...
Mortland · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Incredible Camera
October 20, 2022
This was my first Google Pixel phone, having been a Galaxy person my whole cellphone life, and I can see why so many people are making th...
John24 · Review provided by store.google.com
Poor adaptive display brightness is causing me to abandon this phone and the pixel line after less than 6 months of use.
May 12, 2022
I've never moved on from a phone this quickly before, and against the sunk cost fallacy I'm facing there just has to be a better programm...
J S · Review provided by Google
A Serious Flagship Letdown
September 28, 2022
This review is long overdue, as I've had the pixel 6 pro since its first release date. I'll start by saying that I am an android purist, ...
macgyver214 · Review provided by vzw.com
Great Phone, Good Camera, No Rear Fingerprint Scan
October 06, 2022
I should start this off by saying that I or my wife have owned the Nexus (pre-Pixel), Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 4a 5G and the Pix...
Matt Sc · Review provided by store.google.com
Good Phone With Potential To Be Better!!
October 21, 2022
I've had my Google Pixel 6 Pro for about 3 weeks. I was ecstatic to finally own a Pixel, because I've heard nothing but great things abou...
Chevygrl00 · Review provided by store.google.com
Phone disconnects from ATT and Verizon service
December 30, 2022
Camera is very good although Live photos not as good as apple. Phone is unwieldy large The curved screen adds no added benefit, requires ...
Patty · Review provided by bestbuy.com
This is the phone that made me not buy another Google phone for the next 2 years!
April 21, 2022
I have been the unhappy owner and user of this phone for ~months now and truly wish I did not buy it as the experience overall is so down...
Udi Waizer · Review provided by Google
Coming in hot
October 11, 2022
First off, to anyone thinking about a new phone the Google Pixel 6 is definitely worth considering. The 7 Pro is also just days away from...
JWams · Review provided by store.google.com
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