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Not for wooded trails
July 22, 2022
Maybe I had higher expectations than I should have, but I was let down. I jog wooded trails with my dogs off leash in an area with perf...
Brad Williams · Review provided by Google
Save your Money
November 21, 2022
Too expensive! Save your money. Loses signal if no cellular tower. I can’t find my “furry pet” if there is no cell service. Thought this ...
Sandra Obermeyer · Review provided by Google
No to this product
June 19, 2022
Customer service is great. But they couldn’t correct the issue. The tracker didn’t start registering the where about until the dogs were ...
Jill Taylor · Review provided by Google
Tracker spends more time on the charger than the dog
July 21, 2022
The tracker works as it says. One of the biggest downfalls is the battery last 2 days max. So you are constantly taking it on and off you...
Thomas OBrien · Review provided by Google
Rip off and doesn’t work when needed
October 24, 2022
Love tracking activity but other than that this is a rip off . Tells me my dog is out of fence when she’s laying next to me. Avoid this p...
Johnny Go · Review provided by Google
Extremelly short battery life
June 08, 2021
Product description says battery will last up to 5 days but I am lucky if I get 30 hours out of it. And my dog is only active for 90 minu...
Alex · Review provided by petcircle.com.au
Horrible customer service
June 20, 2022
They advertise 24/7 live chat once subscription is active. It's no longer available and email response takes up to 5 days. Issues address...
Bethany Reams · Review provided by Google
Poor position reporting
November 12, 2022
Coverage is very spotty(metro San Diego area). If my phone isn’t within 10’ of the tracker, I’m lucky to get updates on position hourly-e...
david wilson · Review provided by Google
Drains its battery
October 16, 2021
Works as advertised, but always runs out of battery after about 1-2 days, even with the power saving mode on. The charger is easily knoc...
Rosie · Review provided by petcircle.com.au
Mobile Phone connection
November 16, 2022
If you want to know where your pet has been this is fine, but if you are on a walk and have no mobile signal, then you cannot see where y...
Springer Owner · Review provided by petsathome.com
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