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Not much to it but funny for a few times
December 03, 2020
The Little Live Petts Gotta Go Flamingo is popular this year for a bc IOU’s reasons because it’s funny and curious. My daughter wanted th...
Adriana · Review provided by walmart.com
The food is next level
January 04, 2021
This thing is awesome. My wife is obsessed with flamingos, like multiple flamingo tattoos obsessed, So naturally when this came out every...
Mike · Review provided by walmart.com
December 24, 2021
This Flamingo made our holidays! I actually bought it for a funny gift for my husband since we have a parrot rescue! He laughed so hard! ...
Booroo · Review provided by QVC
Do not recommend
December 02, 2020
This is 64 dollars now? Do not buy it for that much money!!! This thing was originally $19.99. They must have jacked up the price for Chr...
Brittany · Review provided by walmart.com
Could have been awesome but we are so disappointed
January 11, 2021
My four year old received this for Christmas. She was so excited all she was talking about in the days leading up to Christmas we wanting...
RB · Review provided by walmart.com
My little one enjoyed it
September 18, 2020
Thought this was a great idea for my daughter who finds toilet humour hilarious! You need to fill the toilet bowl with water then feed th...
Samantha917 · Review provided by character-online.com
I don't recommend unless your child is super cautious acts like an adult. Broke within a month and messy.
April 19, 2022
My daughter bought this for $30 with her own money. She loved it, however it was messy so I had her keep it up. So downside she couldn'...
Sharon · Review provided by Google
Poorly built toy. Constipated bird.
December 27, 2020
If you are looking to spend $25-$30 on 5 minutes of fun, then you may like this toy. It's our opinion that this is an awful toy. Our so...
Daniel McLaughlin · Review provided by Google
Total mess and not worth the price!
January 09, 2021
All the review that say promotion review are liars. I wish i paid better attention to that little caption at the end. The "discard" is li...
Flamingo sucks · Review provided by canadiantire.ca
Magic Sand is a great replacement food!
February 19, 2021
Bought this for our toddler who was struggling to poop in the toilet. It has worked perfectly. She would get to feed it as a reward each ...
AuroraDarling · Review provided by walmart.com
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