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Not good at all
January 06, 2023
The toy buttons don’t do what they are supposed to do. The dog has the head to the said, what is weird. The leash doesn’t come off. The d...
Not good at all · Review provided by Target
Not worth the price.
December 14, 2022
It's cute at first, until the buttons just don't command the way it should. It pretty much just does what it wants. Really not much it co...
Ti · Review provided by Target
Waste of money!
July 03, 2022
This toy broke and broke my daughters heart along with it! It was only a week old and it stopped working. My hubby managed to take it apa...
Disappointed Mama · Review provided by myer.com.au
A bit of a let down.
October 17, 2021
My 9 year old picked this out with her birthday gift cards given to her. She was so excited to get it, but so let down when she opened it...
kmuir · Review provided by Target
No good
December 09, 2021
topples over, kinda weird that it “walks” forward with head sideways, push walk button and sometimes it would walk some times it would ju...
Ro · Review provided by Target
Poor quality
February 15, 2022
A very fun toy but only 1 month after buying it, it suddenly stopped working and replacing the batteries didn’t fix it. No trouble shooti...
Monica MM · Review provided by target.com.au
Will recommend
December 26, 2021
The toy does not work and shift as the menu said. This toy only should be good for aged three through four-year-old children.
Bad quality · Review provided by Target
January 13, 2023
The item was defective and had to be returned. While the toy was a disappointment Canadian Tire Service was outstanding.
Helen · Review provided by canadiantire.ca
Never got it
January 08, 2023
Never got it
Anjela B. · Review provided by mastermindtoys.com
Es muy lenta
January 09, 2023
Regalo de reyes magos , la perrita tiene música pero para andar primero tiene que hacer todo el repertorio de música y ladridos. Luego an...
Cuqui · Review provided by elcorteingles.es
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