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Buy a different pump !!!!!
January 17, 2023
I purchased 2 of Nero 3 pumps and on week 4 BOTH pumps stalled and I got the blinking red light. I cleaned the already clean and virtuall...
Chad · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
Problems right out of the box
August 13, 2022
I purchased two Nero 3's at the end of March from BRS. The main reason I purchased them is for their low profile appearance to keep my al...
Joyce · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
Died After a Year
March 16, 2023
I have two of these in my 110 gallon reef tank. The oldest one failed just a little after it was a year old. Since my background is in el...
Philip Wilson · Review provided by Google
Do Not Buy
December 23, 2022
I have 2 Nero 3s and 2 Nero 5s. They frequently shut off (flashing red lights). Sometimes a hard reset of holding the power button down, ...
Raleigh · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
January 20, 2022
Let me preface this by saying that I love AI lights and the app. I purchased this for my mom's biocube. When it worked it was great. It w...
Austin · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
Do not buy
January 29, 2022
I've been running this pump in a biocube for 3 weeks. Already dead. Getting the flashing red stall light, not stuck at all. Tried the res...
Michael · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
Anemone eater!
July 14, 2021
Amazing pump but it just chewed up my very expensive BTA… And I had the Anemone guard on it!! I’m devastated
Courtney Henderson · Review provided by Google
Listed as new but used
October 12, 2020
This was listed as new but when I received it, it was used with build up on it. Also made a loud sound.
daneb0609 · Review provided by ebay.com
November 07, 2021
Makes ticking sound as it runs.
chris srch · Review provided by Google Customer Reviews
December 18, 2020
Ended up with AI Nero 5 as 3 not available.
· Review provided by Google Customer Reviews
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