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Buy a different pump !!!!!
January 17, 2023
I purchased 2 of Nero 3 pumps and on week 4 BOTH pumps stalled and I got the blinking red light. I cleaned the already clean and virtuall...
Chad · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
Problems right out of the box
August 13, 2022
I purchased two Nero 3's at the end of March from BRS. The main reason I purchased them is for their low profile appearance to keep my al...
Joyce · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
Just wow , but needs battery back up
December 17, 2022
24x24x18 mixed reef. Mounted on sides, slightly offset. Using random high energy and pulse modes. 85%! Sand dosen't blow, but the dirt su...
· Review provided by saltwateraquarium.com
Great pump, awful app
July 27, 2021
Really the recurring story with AI, fantastic products paired with a truly awful app. The app is so difficult and frustrating to use its ...
Aquachristik · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
Do Not Buy
December 23, 2022
I have 2 Nero 3s and 2 Nero 5s. They frequently shut off (flashing red lights). Sometimes a hard reset of holding the power button down, ...
Raleigh · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
Good product, but doesn't last long
August 28, 2022
I purchased one of these powerbeads in Feb 2021 through BRS, and it has just stopped working. I tried cleaning it (though it wasn't parti...
Paul · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
Just OK
November 26, 2020
Have to say, disappointed in the technology. When the powerhead works, it's great. The My AI app is pretty basic, and not very robust in ...
Chipp · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
Great size for smaller tanks
April 01, 2022
The nero 3 pushes as much water as a smaller reef tank needs. I have 1 in a biocube 16 on random between 10 and 30% and after only a week...
Todd · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
Good little pump when they work
June 30, 2022
This is by far the most fragile and delicate pump I've used. I've had mine for little over a year now and my pump has finally given out. ...
· Review provided by saltwateraquarium.com
Couple months later...
November 29, 2021
Bought this pwerhead a few months ago. At first it worked great. Then it started siezing and stopping. Took it out and tried to clean it....
Nathan · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
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