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Decent Budget Gaming Laptop with heating issues.
January 24, 2022
This laptop is a great bang for your buck, though it does get hot. I do not recommend playing this laptop in a house without air conditio...
Ultimate Powa · Review provided by newegg.com
Very HOT purchase!
December 25, 2020
This is my first laptop and I've been using it for one week now so do keep that in mind. Any problems I mentioned could have been simply ...
Nathan T. · Review provided by newegg.com
Its great, just not perfect..
June 02, 2021
I bought this computer around Jan 2021, it was easily the best I could afford and get at the time. As a high school student I got to admi...
Lui7358 · Review provided by pcrichard.com
Good for price. Lot of setting up and tweaking.
December 17, 2020
I'm gonna try to give the most honest review I can for this product. When i first bought it, there was a problem with the trackpad. It fe...
AN · Review provided by walmart.com
Great computer, decently priced
December 15, 2020
As a college student I wanted something that was relatively small and portable that would allow me to easily move it around and swap betw...
Jack · Review provided by pcrichard.com
So much better than expected :)
March 08, 2022
I’ve been using this laptop for over a year now, at the begging I was worried because it get pretty hot when you run some games to the po...
Daniel · Review provided by walmart.com
great :)
January 20, 2022
pros: i love this laptop ! it’s really, really great and fast. good for hardcore gaming and hours of play time. cons: runs hot, doesn’t r...
t · Review provided by walmart.com
MSI GF 65 15.6in 1660ti 512GB ssd 8GB ram
July 23, 2020
Overall I think this is an excellent gaming laptop. I purchased mine several days ago at Walmart for just over 1000$. The graphics on thi...
Ethen Stuber · Review provided by Google
Awesome build quality and power for the price!
August 01, 2020
Wife needed a new laptop to use for an online course she's taking, and I knew nothing about computers so I thought "as long as it's an i7...
Jennifer · Review provided by walmart.com
Near Perfect, Except Port Placement and Webcam Driver
April 28, 2021
A very powerful laptop at a great price however not perfect. The port placement can make using a mouse near impossible without getting sn...
· Review provided by neweggbusiness.com
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