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Frustrating product at best, bad Quality Control!
January 22, 2023
Been an avid Google customer since Nexus devices but this has been the worst device I've owned from Google. 1st pair I got the charging c...
TJ_ GTI · Review provided by Google
Horribly Designed Product
October 15, 2022
A little background here. I teach engineering design for a living, and I've owned every Google earbud. This product is a masterclass in...
George Dante · Review provided by Google
Kept falling out of my ears.
December 22, 2022
I just got a Pixel 7 and love it. I also just got a Pixel Watch and love it. I wanted so badly to love this too. The system level soft...
Robert Gonzalez · Review provided by Google
like using an elephant to cram a boulder in my ears
February 16, 2023
sure. they sound great. but no amount of adjustments or different ear tips helps these RIDICULOUSLY GIGANTIC earbuds fit in my ears witho...
Cera Martin · Review provided by Google
Don't bother
February 21, 2023
I am big google pixel and google fan and love having their products, this one though is my biggest regret. The sound and quality is great...
Tony Melbourne · Review provided by jbhifi.com.au
A real review from a real customer.
February 27, 2023
Bought 3 months ago from the Google store. $200.00 not bad if they actually lasted. Won't charge. In about 2 months the right ear bud tra...
Bingo Bango · Review provided by Google
Don't buy, go with something else - already failing
October 10, 2022
Bought these for my husband for his birthday, and the right ear bud has already failed - barely audible except for a 'chirp'. The chirpi...
Joey Rasmussen · Review provided by Google
Comfortable, unbearable sound.
April 28, 2023
I tried these in hope they would be as great as the previous 4 Google phones I've owned, along with various other Google products. Howeve...
Connor · Review provided by bestbuy.com
February 19, 2023
DO NOT BUY! The look great. Specs seem cool. The connection to the phone and watch is cool. However, these buds lag, HARD. There is no fi...
Peter · Review provided by bestbuy.com
I can't return them I hate them
December 06, 2022
Only Google can literally Google what the inside of an ear looks like and still manage the make these headphones that fall out at the sli...
BebeTeqq · Review provided by vzw.com
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