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Great Gargoyle
September 20, 2020
I bought 2 of these 3 years ago. I live on the south shore of long island NY ,less than a quarter mile from the atlantic ocean. Mine are ...
TAFitz · Review provided by designtoscano.com
Argos is a handsome guardian
June 05, 2019
I am more than pleased with my purchase and definitely recommend. I was lucky to have waited enough time before ordering to get a great b...
Kimnatjak · Review provided by designtoscano.com
Great Guardian against evil spirits.
January 18, 2021
I've always loved gargoyles, and had been toying with getting one of these but hadn't got around to it. After seeing all the furor around...
Coral · Review provided by designtoscano.com
Great design, but does not weather well
August 16, 2015
The design and appearance are fantastic. I bought my first one in the fall of 2014 and put it on my patio. In the early spring, I noticed...
Je55 · Review provided by designtoscano.com
Would not recommend for outdoor use
April 30, 2014
We purchased 2 of your Boden Gargoyle sentinel statues and permanently mounted them on columns at the start of our driveway. Unfortunatel...
Dragondoctor · Review provided by designtoscano.com
Best birthday present!
September 17, 2019
My daughter saw the argos statue online and fell in love with it. Had it shipped to her home for her birthday. When she opened the box sh...
Happymom · Review provided by designtoscano.com
Awesome Gargoyle
September 08, 2014
I bought this guy for the corner peak of my balcony. Amazing detail!!! In fact, because of the extreme detail, my original placement of h...
MelFazzio · Review provided by designtoscano.com
Boden is awesome!
August 28, 2017
I have this guy sitting on top of my bricked-in mailbox and let me tell you, I have people stop every day to look at it. He is a beast an...
TimR · Review provided by designtoscano.com
December 16, 2014
When we got the gargoyle, it was COVERED in little bits of Styrofoam. We had to take a vacuum to it for 10-20 minutes and we still couldn...
Keith · Review provided by Hayneedle
I love your gargoyles!
April 27, 2013
My wife bought me Boden and Argos for Christmas and I just love them both! We modified them just slightly by adding red rhinestones for e...
SabersDad · Review provided by designtoscano.com
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