282 reviews
May 14, 2022
My kids were very excited about this toy. It was disappointing to receive him and he was broken new out of the box. The motor was very lo...
Michelle · Review provided by walmart.com
Some features no longer working
June 02, 2021
Cute toy, but ears and head have stopped working after 4 months of light play. Babble button has delayed response. Batteries have been re...
NoPe · Review provided by Target
Wasnt a win for us
December 23, 2020
I actually was not stoked on this. My daughter 16 months was scared of it, but that in itself doesn’t make for my poor review. It just wa...
alohastateofmind · Review provided by Target
Didnt last long, but was a good idea
January 29, 2022
Really cute but didn’t last long at all. It started making a very weird mechanical squeaking sound, instead of talking. Was only played w...
Jg · Review provided by Target
April 20, 2021
Cute toy but doesnt work for long. First one I bought within a couple weeks it was making this weird sound would cut put in the middle of...
Stephani · Review provided by walmart.com
Defective or possibly flawed
January 11, 2023
The puppy I got is defective. It has an intermittent humming tone. It’s very concerning.
Reynell G. · Review provided by mastermindtoys.com
Not the best
May 31, 2021
My almost 1 year old really loves this toy, BUT there is a feature where it listens to what you say and repeats it back which has stopped...
MacKinnonPartyOf8 · Review provided by Target
Stopped working after 2 months
February 27, 2022
Love this toy but it stopped working after about 2 months of light use…it stops singing midway through and has a slight buzzing sound now...
Jen8hans · Review provided by Target
Bad verbal repeat function
April 02, 2021
My sons enjoys playing with it but repeat feature is very disappointing. It does not repeat the words/sounds well. The are at twice the s...
ColS · Review provided by Target
Don’t waste your money
September 20, 2021
Not very practical. Replaying sounds always stops. Does not sit straight snd falls to the front.
Mounzer · Review provided by walmart.com
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