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Great frame protection
December 09, 2022
Great quality frame protection. A bit pricey and not enough pieces to cover entire frame. You’ll probably need two of these. There’s not ...
Vladimir A. · Review provided by govvelo.com
Durable, but not plentiful enough
June 26, 2020
They made my book look really good and I like the protection of these frame guards. You can feel the durability. It is upsetting however ...
Ian · Review provided by jensonusa.com
Does the job...probably
August 09, 2019
I write probably as I hope to never find out. It does go on easily but I will warn you that the XL kit does not give enough to cover the ...
Jarrod Hills · Review provided by jensonusa.com
October 13, 2017
Good quality frame protection, thick material but manipulates well around bends & swoops in the frame. The camo version I chose adds a bi...
Jesse · Review provided by jensonusa.com
April 02, 2018
So happy I purchased this for my Evil Following. Crazy durable, becomes a part of your frame. Make sure to clean your bike very well and ...
Ben B. · Review provided by fanatikbike.com
Solid frame protection
August 15, 2018
It doesn't cover a lot of surface, I find this works great for the down tube but not so great on the rest of the bike as the left over pi...
JUAN · Review provided by jensonusa.com
Works better than expected
July 27, 2017
I've used different protective tapes, but AMS is the best by far. Easy to apply, looks cool, and protects better than anything else. What...
Kevin · Review provided by jensonusa.com
All Mountain Style | Frame Protection XL White Drops
April 27, 2021
These protectors are rugged, stick in cold weather and fashionable.
· Review provided by jensonusa.com
High price low quantity but still good
October 03, 2018
These seem to be good quality, the price is a little high and there are not all that many pieces but it still gets the job done and the p...
Joe · Review provided by jensonusa.com
Frame Protection
September 13, 2019
As it said, design looks great. Thick pieces ready for application out of the box.
Brian · Review provided by jensonusa.com
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