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Not bad but not great
March 08, 2022
I recently purchased this on sale from Walmart. Its a decent Chromebook that still gets updates but like all Chromebooks it is not as fun...
Den · Review provided by walmart.com
Great for the Price!
December 19, 2021
You'll be hard pressed to find a laptop at this price point, especially one with a great battery life. Battery lasts ~10 hours with norma...
Ryan · Review provided by walmart.com
November 05, 2021
Pros: ▪︎Unbelievably Affordable Price (Purchased during sale for $87). ▪︎Immediately turns on upon opening the laptop. ▪︎Speedy swapping ...
BearBroTechie · Review provided by walmart.com
Great laptop, but with flaws
September 24, 2022
I used to have a Dell inspiron and Acer Aspire, before those sadly broke. I was on a budget and had to get a laptop to do schoolwork, do...
LGSVRA 2000 · Review provided by Google
The most bang for your buck in laptops
July 21, 2020
First things first, we must establish that this laptop is geared towards being an affordable laptop. It’s unfair to compare it with highe...
murmur62035 · Review provided by samsung.com
Can I find a chromebook with a windows OS?
April 23, 2022
I purchased the item to use with some of my sites but found I needed a windowsOS go to some sites. The chromebook was nice, it was colorf...
dave · Review provided by walmart.com
Built like a tank but it could use a volume boost
April 19, 2021
My 4th Chromebook since 2014. All my others were made by Acer and each one of them had screen issues after a couple of years of use. I bo...
Kagemusha · Review provided by walmart.com
Great for kids
November 05, 2021
I got this for $87 and its a great chromebook for kids. I bought it for my 9 year old for Christmas and I already set it up to make sure ...
Tip · Review provided by walmart.com
Good laptop, but the USB doesn't supply power.
February 24, 2022
Love this lightweight laptop with quick reaction. love the extra "desk" feature that allows for easy multitasking and organization. Only ...
ThriftyMama · Review provided by walmart.com
An almost perfect Chromebook
October 09, 2019
I've been waiting a few years for a Chromebook that had all the features I wanted, and Samsung's Chromebook 4 finally did it for me. Pros...
Macready117 · Review provided by samsung.com
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