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Loved it at first, but not anymore
November 27, 2021
I upgraded to the 11 after loving the 7 Plus. I can honestly say that after having phone for almost two years, upgrading was the worst de...
Aaronc93 · Review provided by vzw.com
Screen dimming galore from overheating processor galore
March 29, 2022
Phone overheats and screen dims very often! My iPhone advertised as $50 porting number to metro (a lie - I’ve walked out $194 expense)! T...
Mark Pedzinski · Review provided by Google
Shouldn't have switched to Apple :/
April 19, 2022
My OnePlus 7t was leagues better than this. The design was far surpassing in terms of user-friendliness and proved to use superior techno...
Kate Snyder · Review provided by Google
April 20, 2021
So I’ve been an Apple lover user ever since I can remember. My first mobile was the Apple iPhone 2G and ever since I’ve mainly owned Appl...
maya.m · Review provided by influenster.com
Not worth the price
July 13, 2022
Coming from android, thought I was going to be having a ‘premium’ experience but nnooooooo. This phone sucks, it’s laggy in everything, f...
B V · Review provided by Google
Bad experience with two iPhone 11's.
November 21, 2022
I bought two phones to get one that still doesn't work correct. First phone would not stay on more than a couple minutes at a time. Liter...
Shane · Review provided by walmart.com
Not what they used to be
January 27, 2021
Since I got it, it frequently closes out apps while I’m using them. If someone calls me or texts me while my phone is dead I never get th...
Kayla Larson · Review provided by Google
Overpriced and over marketed phone with unstable  Operating systems
October 17, 2020
Where do I start....it's Overpriced, unstable and glitchy. A ton of apps and basic functions malfunction. Thr configuration is almost non...
K A · Review provided by Google
March 02, 2021
So I had the iPhone 6s for a while and wanted to upgrade. I decided to upgrade to the 11 because of better quality. I was so excited at f...
VeryUglyPrincess · Review provided by Google
iPhone 11..low price, said new, refurbished??????
November 22, 2022
Unfortunately I thought the iPhone 11 would be bigger..it's not...it's tiny. First thing I felt holding the phone it felt like marbles ro...
Lisa · Review provided by walmart.com
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