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Great computer rendered unusable by coil whine
January 16, 2022
Great specs, great screen, great keyboard, all of it wasted effort, because of high pitched coil whine. It always amazing me that compani...
Albacore · Review provided by lenovo.com
WIFI Connectivity problems, Awful TN display
March 26, 2021
TN display is awful. Even onbthe maximum setting it isnt very bright, images lack sharpness and colors are flat. No amount of adjusting p...
brucetbo · Review provided by lenovo.com
No backlit keyboard. Stonage crap
December 15, 2021
Seems okay but seriously? No backlit keyboard in Dec 2021? Is this 1995? You coukd not put a light behind a keyboard. Massively bad as th...
James · Review provided by walmart.com
Both good and bad points
August 25, 2021
It is much faster than my old computer, but that is expected from a new computer. There are many things that I am not all that fussed abo...
anonymous · Review provided by thegoodguys.com.au
It's been in for repair more than I've had it
November 22, 2020
I bought this from Best Buy at the end of September. Right now it's just before Thanksgiving, and during that time Best Buy has had it fo...
MsPeaPea · Review provided by lenovo.com
August 23, 2021
Too loud, even when I'm merely using Google chrome. Laptop battery varies at random moments, and I can never tell how long my laptop will...
aldmo · Review provided by lenovo.com
Not for Students
June 01, 2022
I bought this on May 21, 2022 and received it in 3 days. As of June 1, 2022, a fully charged laptop does not last 3 hours and thus does n...
FlatLotus · Review provided by lenovo.com
Invest more funds and get a better laptop
December 26, 2021
This laptop is cheap and performance is okay. I would recommend investing more funds and getting a better laptop. My laptop had some issu...
youdontneedtoknow · Review provided by lenovo.com
Motherboard died after a YEAR!!!
April 08, 2022
Your laptop will die within a year. I literally JUST bought this laptop in 2021 and the motherboard shorted out. Im about to start colleg...
Steph · Review provided by walmart.com
Great laptop but weak screen and hinges
June 15, 2022
I've had this laptop for about 7 months now. Everything is good except for the fact that when you open and close the screen multiple time...
lenovouserfor10years · Review provided by lenovo.com
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