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No touchscreen! Research the model # before buying
October 02, 2021
We chose this model because it said "touchscreen" in the list of features. When the Chromebook arrived, and the touchscreen wasn't workin...
McCulloch · Review provided by lenovo.com
So close to being very good, display is poor
July 14, 2022
This laptop would be so much better with a different screen. The display on this laptop is not good at all. Aside from the display the sp...
tsone · Review provided by lenovo.com
Excellent bargain
August 03, 2022
The color is beautiful. I bought the sand color. It looks more like gold. It runs fairly slow. Not having backlighting for the keyboard i...
· Review provided by lenovo.com
Bing and Microsoft Edge
January 23, 2021
My biggest complaint is Microsoft Edge and Bing. It takes forever to load what I have searched for. I was hoping this computer would be a...
Flygirl39J · Review provided by lenovo.com
The extreme basics
November 24, 2020
Just got this on a Black Friday Special. The price is really good. It's ok for students needing a comp for school at the bare min. You wi...
Wanda · Review provided by walmart.com
Good for online stuff, not games or programs.
January 03, 2021
This ideapad runs Windows 10S. 10S only lets you use Microsoft verified programs. The Lenovo programs are not Microsoft verified, so 2 da...
Lacy · Review provided by walmart.com
Bought by default; kept by choice.
June 27, 2020
It's an okay computer: a laptop. )Note: I'm not a techie, so my responses are subjective.) Would have liked a smaller size, but with COVI...
GuruBlond · Review provided by lenovo.com
Good laptop except the keyboard
July 05, 2020
This laptop is fast and more than enough for everyday use. It is also sleek and lightweight. The only issue I had was with the keyboard. ...
Sodacan · Review provided by lenovo.com
Great for kids/schooling but bad connectivity.
September 22, 2021
Great for kids, lightweight, good battery life. Connectivity was the issue for me. Audio connection keeps cutting in and out for BigBlueB...
SKaur · Review provided by lenovo.com
Great computer; Terrible webcam
September 06, 2020
I like this computer a lot, but Zoom calls are essential for my business right now and the webcam on this computer is absolutely abysmal....
· Review provided by lenovo.com
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