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I buy TurboTax at BJ's annually
February 20, 2021
I like to purchase my TurboTax early in the season, ideally before President's Day and BJ's always has them in stock early too. I use it ...
Missy · Review provided by bjs.com
TurboTax gets the job done.
March 23, 2021
I dislike eBay's rating system. The middle star says, "It's OK" and I guess that means I'm satisfied but a middle-of-the-road rating make...
larry-at-bostoncollege · Review provided by ebay.com
Turbo Tax
March 22, 2021
I was not happy with it this time around. I was cheated out of the one free state filing. I did five returns and not one gave me an optio...
BRIGIT · Review provided by staples.com
Turbo Performance
May 21, 2021
The Desktop Turbo Deluxe is excellent. I purchased it after I used Turbo online for my own taxes. Turbo online is terrible, as is QBO. Bo...
GERALDINE · Review provided by staples.com
I would by this product again & again
March 04, 2021
This software comes with all the latest's update with IRS changes & it also download much of your information from your previous return i...
BONNIE · Review provided by bjs.com
QCD problem
April 16, 2021
Long time user - had a problem with 1099R contribution to Qualified Charitable Deduction. They knew about the problem and had a work arou...
JERRY · Review provided by staples.com
Good tax program
April 20, 2021
I have been using this program for over 10 years and it works. it's a step-by-step program and if you follow all the steps it will do a g...
DRL · Review provided by staples.com
Reporting Foreign Income Taxes via TurboTax Deluxe
March 04, 2021
The section dealing with how to report foreign income taxes is a bit confusing. I used the feature where you download tax data from my IR...
THOMAS · Review provided by staples.com
Expensive and complicated
May 24, 2021
Used Turbo Tax for 10+ years. Now there are to many options at buy time. I use it for a very simple tax return but the descriptions of mu...
GLEN · Review provided by staples.com
Turbo Tax Premier 2020
April 20, 2021
Software is comprehensive and covers many different types of income and deductions, many of which most people won't need to use. Can use ...
STEPHEN · Review provided by staples.com
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