232 reviews
A less functional Vita in 720p;
January 05, 2016
It has a limited number of Vita titles due to functionality concerns, pixelates PSP titles making them feel cheap and unappealing, requir...
anthochufdqndix · Review provided by ebay.com
Remote play just works, admirable latency, Vita games don't work half time
April 05, 2015
I purchased this for my brother who is leaving for college and I am afraid for him to take his PS4 and leave it in a dorm room. With this...
lordchristiano · Review provided by ebay.com
Well designed, horrible picture
August 15, 2016
It works, does things as advertised, quick and easy. Major downside though, the graphics, especially in some particular games, often look...
wizardmonsgh · Review provided by ebay.com
August 21, 2015
The graphics for the game are great and with that being said I wasn't too thrilled with the actual game itself. The cut scenes become ann...
saudi.l · Review provided by influenster.com
Unnecessary HDCP
March 02, 2018
The PlayStation TV has built in HDCP that can not be turned off. You will need a splitter if you plan to stream content from the device.
natexero · Review provided by ebay.com
November 29, 2014
This is a great bundle if only if you have the console already. I personally don't like legos but it might be great for kids.
john.s · Review provided by influenster.com
June 29, 2015
I had this but was not really sure what it did. Hooked it up and was bored with it in like 10min
jason.b · Review provided by influenster.com
Its ok I guess
April 28, 2020
Lacking some basics
d1fresh · Review provided by ebay.com
January 05, 2017
Als Standalone Vita Ersatz absolut zu empfehlen. Zum Streamen von der PS4 in ein anderes Zimmer leider überhaupt nicht ! Im Prinzip bekom...
Patrick G · Review provided by mediamarkt.de
Kleines nettes Gerät aber...
July 27, 2016
...sehr schlecht umgesetzt, vielleicht nur 50% der PS Vita spiele laufen und der Zugang zum Store ist teilweise nicht möglich wegen Verbi...
Jens E · Review provided by mediamarkt.de
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