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Finally - the one charger to rule them all!
December 14, 2021
The search has ended! Ever since the introduction of USB-PD and the ability to charge large devices via USB-C became a possibility, I've ...
James T. · Review provided by anker.com
Anker Has Done It Again!
April 11, 2022
Let me start by admitting that I have a personal problem with collecting power bricks. I probably have 15-20 power bricks of various bran...
Alex W. · Review provided by anker.com
Anker! that says it all!
April 08, 2022
I purchased a Koviol brand with similar claims except that it had 2 type A outputs. It was sizeably heavier and larger than Anker's 3 por...
Piggly · Review provided by anker.com
A modern marvel!
March 29, 2022
This thing is crazy good. I am upgrading from a 36w 2xUSB-C square Anker charging brick because I needed a solid 20w out of each port. I ...
Carl · Review provided by anker.com
Compact, powerful, flexible USB charger that works well with laptops, phones, and vapes
February 22, 2022
I bought this charger to replace an Anker PowerPort Atom PD 4, and it's a huge upgrade in every way for my needs (specifically charging a...
Wwalexanderwwalexander · Review provided by anker.com
Best fast charger I’ve ever used
December 16, 2021
This is an absolutely fantastic charger. One of the only chargers from a reputable brand that will consistently output the rated wattage....
Arthur S. · Review provided by anker.com
Perfect travel charger, full speed Surface charging and even supports Samsung Super Fast charging
April 11, 2022
Excellent charger, and smaller than I expected. I was worried about this charger being excessively long, but it's not bad and it's pretty...
Brandon H. · Review provided by anker.com
Bought 1, liked it so much I purchased a 2nd
February 15, 2022
This will be short. I have purchased 5+ Ankur batteries in the last 5 years as the traditional apple 5W chargers were slow and it was har...
Rbk · Review provided by anker.com
Almost perfect. 3-device limitations.
March 12, 2022
This charger is great! It has some triple-device limitations but that’s my fault for not reading about power distribution ahead of time. ...
Alexander B. · Review provided by anker.com
The last 65W USB C charger you will ever need.
March 12, 2022
This charger (Nano 2 65W 3 port) has exceeded all expectations. It can charge everything I bring with me traveling all at once and is abs...
Christopher R. · Review provided by anker.com
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