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April 15, 2021
I have purchased from you before; a amazing grace medium chime for the spouse of a friend who passed away. A family member just lost his ...
Jody S. · Review provided by chimes.com
Box was covered in toxic smelling glue
October 29, 2021
I don't believe there was anything wrong with the chime itself, it was the mfg box it came in. Not the shipping box, but the actual chime...
Beth F. · Review provided by chimes.com
There’s nothing that compares to
April 13, 2021
There’s nothing that compares to the quality, sound, and appearance of a Woodstock chime. I’ve had Woodstock chimes for over 30 years! An...
Susan S. · Review provided by chimes.com
Great customer service! Beautiful sounding chimes!
August 11, 2021
My wife received a set of chimes as a gift! We had some construction on the house/deck that delayed our opening and installing them for a...
Ken L. · Review provided by chimes.com
As beautiful as the other 2 wind chimes
November 22, 2021
The tenor arrived fast. I would have given it a 5 star rating except for one little flaw: the string that attaches one of the tubes is ca...
Dominique R. · Review provided by chimes.com
Not picking up the Amazing
August 04, 2022
Not picking up the Amazing Grace Tone at all. I had large chimes (stainless) from you before that were larger. They had a beautiful tone....
Kathleen B. · Review provided by chimes.com
I received a replacement when
November 04, 2021
I received a replacement when my original chime with wooden parts, cracked and fell apart, after being outside for only 2 months. These c...
Diane G. · Review provided by chimes.com
Amazing Grace Chimes
April 28, 2022
I received a set of your chimes 3 1/2 years ago as a gift upon the death of my son. They play the most beautiful music and soothes my hea...
Karen K. · Review provided by chimes.com
Exceeded my Expectations!!
February 12, 2021
Recently, my cousin suddenly lost her husband of almost 30 years. In my heart, I knew I wanted to give her something memorable that could...
Mico · Review provided by thingsremembered.com
Best Gift Ever!!
March 17, 2022
We absolutely LOVE Woodstock Chimes!! We received our first set as a gift, and the tones are simply beautiful when the wind blows. Since ...
Patricia S. · Review provided by chimes.com
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