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March 19, 2021
I love this pen, but it is imperfect. The flow isn't consistent. When you first use it there's a lot of ink ready to write with and then ...
surfbird · Review provided by JetPens
August 31, 2022
Good pen. Would be 5 STARS if it wasn't so scratchy. I didn't abuse it, maybe it was the drawing paper I was using, but eventually it bec...
marlonmatthew · Review provided by JetPens
Review by Canadian Amateur Who Also Uses Four-Colour Bic Pens
February 18, 2021
Since this Lamy Safari is my second-ever fountain pen, and the first (Kaweco Sport) arrived barely prior, I can't reliably rate either. I...
· Review provided by gouletpens.com
Too dry a writer.
January 14, 2018
First, I am extremely new to the fountain pen world. I have only been using a fountain pen daily for less than a month. Second, I am lett...
Mark B. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
November 21, 2018
Okay, calm down. I'm not going to rag on the Safari in this review. Lord, heavens to betsy no. I love my Safari to bits and will forever ...
casadekyle · Review provided by JetPens
Probably wou't buy agai
March 11, 2022
Very nice on most papers but very disapointed that this pen would not write on cold press watercolor paper. Also disapointed that phone c...
none · Review provided by dickblick.com
March 13, 2018
Very simplistic, minimalistic design, especially for those who lean more towards this preferred characteristic. Love the white and find i...
Alexandra · Review provided by JetPens
March 09, 2019
Most people seem to either love or hate this pen. I'm not most people I guess. I'm in the middle. I like the design and feel, it screams ...
mikeleedill · Review provided by JetPens
May 24, 2017
I had to align the nib tines. The midget nib is somewhat awkward to work on as it is so tiny. But it will stand on the large end on a fla...
ads1 · Review provided by JetPens
Great writer, problems with daily carry
October 20, 2014
I have used this for several months now and am very impressed with how it writes. Lamy makes a great pen. I have two issues with mine tha...
Brian A. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
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