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September 19, 2022
I had another brand of flypaper up, and it was very effective - covered with flies. I decided to replace it with this RAID brand, and eve...
Mike · Review provided by walmart.com
July 24, 2022
Sure it caught flies and any other insect that was fumb enough to fly near it. But it also caught the attention of our cat Sassy, who dec...
lynn .s · Review provided by influenster.com
March 11, 2023
I bought 6 boxes of 10 for fruit flies. Right away on the 1st box half the strips were defective. The red string used to hang them is no ...
Greg · Review provided by walmart.com
September 29, 2022
I had a friend pick up a package of these for me and I had been chasing a fly for a week. I put one of these out in my bathroom area beca...
Janet · Review provided by walmart.com
Buyers Beware
June 25, 2022
Buyers beware!! I went to the reviews and majority of the reviews must have been made by Raids employees! They do not attract any flying ...
Virginia · Review provided by walmart.com
Not Effective
June 07, 2019
Flies land on these by chance and accident. There is no attractant to draw them to the ribbon (which is very sticky). I verified it with ...
Tracy · Review provided by walmart.com
Do NOT Buy
May 20, 2023
these are absolutely useless! I have put up all 10 of them and in the last week and only one fly stuck to one of the 10 traps. The flies ...
St3 · Review provided by walmart.com
Big fat zero.
October 16, 2022
This product is absolutely worthless. It does not catch flies. Do not buy this garage. Put up four strips, five feet from outside dinner ...
Thomas · Review provided by walmart.com
sticky awful ugly mess
June 25, 2022
these things are so ugly and I don't really know where you're going to hang them at because flies fly through the air and they're not goi...
Marcella · Review provided by walmart.com
waste of money
January 23, 2023
i have used 2 of these in the last 6 months. Not one of them has worked to collect anything more than dust and a gnat or two. I have used...
Scheryl · Review provided by walmart.com
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