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Decent cheap mirror / inconsistent hanging instructions
February 05, 2022
I like this mirror for the price. It's MDF not actual wood but it looks like real wood. I will probably paint it white anyway. The mirror...
Jx · Review provided by Target
Don't waste your time or money
February 07, 2022
I picked up 2 of these mirrors in my local store for my bathroom. They looked so great at the store and were the perfect size for that ro...
thiscraftymama · Review provided by Target
Pick your own
April 24, 2021
I would recommend that you purchase this item in-store, and not have it shipped if that’s possible. The finish of the natural mirror is n...
Mrs C · Review provided by Target
Decent-looking, modern mirror
October 30, 2021
For the price, this is a decent mirror that has a nice modern touch. Bought it as an accent piece for our nursery. I didn’t see or experi...
vinguy · Review provided by Target
Great mirror, but slight distortion
December 26, 2021
This mirror is super pretty. I was going to use it in a bathroom, and when I hung it, it had a slightly distortion. A bit of a fun house ...
Sarah · Review provided by Target
Gorgeous mirror BUT...
November 11, 2020
Let's start off by saying this mirror is gorgeous. And I really want to love it. BUT. The reviews saying there's a "funhouse" mirror effe...
Havilah H · Review provided by Target
Great look, ok quality
March 03, 2021
If you can find a mirror that doesn’t have damaged veneer, then it is a great deal!! This mirror is very pretty and much more affordable ...
leadingtone · Review provided by Target
Extremely disappointed
April 12, 2021
I am so disappointed in this mirror. Had my eye set on this mirror to hang in our new house and just love Chip and Jo. I went to hang thi...
Nicole · Review provided by Target
Cosmetic flaw: finish rubbing off
January 31, 2021
I love Magnolia products; however, this one has some manufacturing issues. I purchased one, got it home and realized there were some cosm...
NR123 · Review provided by Target
Arrived damaged
August 18, 2021
The mirror is really attractive and very reasonably priced. We made the mistake of having it shipped and it arrived in a large box with a...
Jordan M · Review provided by Target
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