396 reviews
April 28, 2023
These should look good but don't always match up patternwise. I can live with this but the worst thing is they just won't stick to the fl...
Ted56 · Review provided by dunelm.com
Look Nice But Poor Quality
February 01, 2022
I was happy with the appearance of these tiles out of the packet but as I fitted them I noticed that the print was not consistent and so ...
Oli92 · Review provided by dunelm.com
Would not recommend
February 21, 2022
A few reasons for poor review. They do not stick down without a lot of additional adhesive, poor quality, many had faults. You can’t regi...
Meta83 · Review provided by dunelm.com
Not very sticky
August 31, 2021
Bought 20 to start doing our hallway and the pattern really doesn’t match up, because of the print it looks uneven, so wasted a few tiles...
Dh25 · Review provided by dunelm.com
Pattern doesn't match up!
July 03, 2020
Ordered 4 boxes of these tiles and out the whole lot, only about 3 tiles matched up to each other! The pattern was out by miles on most o...
Debbie L · Review provided by dunelm.com
August 23, 2020
Don’t stick properly. Pattens don’t match. Hard to cut around things. Yes, they do look nice from but further away but when you look but ...
Aggii92 · Review provided by dunelm.com
Floor pops
April 14, 2020
I got 5 boxes. 2 boxes had 8 pieces in them instead of 10. Then i put them on a clean floor. And there coming up at the seams everyday i ...
patrice · Review provided by walmart.com
The pattern was just what I wanted, badly matched
March 01, 2021
The pattern was just what I wanted and looked great in the photo. Unfortunately the pattern was very badly matched at the joins which was...
Sussex Girl · Review provided by dunelm.com
Pattern doesn’t line up
November 27, 2018
Love the look, but out of 100 sq ft, we could only find 4 tiles where the pattern lined up. :-( If you’re a perfectionist, these tiles ar...
gardener98 · Review provided by walmart.com
Floorpops Comet Self Adhesive Floor Tiles
December 04, 2020
quite difficult to match the pattern, they did look good when finished and they seemed to stick down fine but they are now lifting. I hav...
Winnie · Review provided by dunelm.com
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