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Very unhappy with MY GOODS/V-Tech phones
August 05, 2022
I have left three messages MY GOODS saying the LED light does not show, the screen is black I can not see to program the time and date. T...
Jennifer · Review provided by walmart.com
poor quality
May 16, 2022
Poor quality was not I expected. I kept the set because I needed the phones. Would not rec. them to anyone. Had cordless phones from AT&T...
DOUG · Review provided by staples.com
Phone is not very good or easy to use
February 26, 2021
I am going to return this phone as I find it is not a user friendly device for seniors. The screen is extremely difficult to read as the ...
VICTORIA · Review provided by staples.com
vtech cordless phones
February 25, 2016
I purchased this brand phone in the past, but this new purchase was worthless. My husband and I are both visually impaired. The screen is...
Deelo · Review provided by walmart.com
Warning! Do not buy this phone unless you have great eyesight and can see in the dark!
September 15, 2015
I purchased this phone for our office. The backlighting did not work. I returned it and Staples sent me another one, no problem. The back...
Gillian G. · Review provided by staples.com
Two Weeks and its gone bad
September 23, 2014
I bought this phone two weeks ago at my longbeach walmart it was affordable and had a nice look to it but a week ago the LCD light stoppe...
LongbeachDinero · Review provided by walmart.com
Incoming calls cut you out for 10-15 sec
September 15, 2015
While you're talking on this phone and you get an incoming call, you lose the conversation for about a straight 10-15 seconds. Most often...
RSamuel · Review provided by walmart.com
It is hard if not impossible to hear
March 09, 2020
Not comfortable to hold, have to press it tight against your ear and is very uncomfortable to hold and use. The picture is very misleadin...
czech*me*out2 · Review provided by ebay.com
hard to set-up, requires Verizon to get voicemail
December 24, 2021
Would return but already tried to use. Had no idea it had no answering machine functions and now have to pay Verizon extra fee to listen ...
SUSAN · Review provided by staples.com
not happy at all
October 03, 2014
I bought this phone in the past and worked great, but the battery died after many years. I go to buy this new one and the problem is they...
littlestarnj · Review provided by walmart.com
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