96 reviews
Obvious why it is clearance
February 25, 2021
When I put this together it was very confusing where and how cords should connect...hard to do and pump is sitting cockeyed I suspect...c...
bailey bobcat · Review provided by QVC
QVC should be embarrassed
March 11, 2021
Someone at QVC should actually look closely at this offering. It is ridiculously cheap and even more ridiculous looking. QVC should be em...
Pinegirl · Review provided by QVC
Neat Concept but failed expectations
April 05, 2021
I purchased this for my office to just create a relaxing sound and break up the quietness. What a BUMMER ! It looks good but the motor is...
CalzadaBunch · Review provided by QVC
Sent me wrong pieces
February 27, 2021
Ok so I knew this was a horrible brand but thought for the price why not. Well....one of the pieces they sent does not go with this fount...
Lankan · Review provided by QVC
January 07, 2021
This is the worst product I have ever purchased from QVC! It looked really cute when I saw it being presented on air. But to actually rec...
Angel614 · Review provided by QVC
Awful, Awful, Awful... and very cheap
May 15, 2019
This product was thrown out right after I got it. It does not look like the picture online or in the demonstration video. The suction cup...
majorjetsfan · Review provided by QVC
Not worth the $15, if you want a true water founta
January 13, 2020
First, It is all light weight plastic. The inside cone does not tighten down and pops up with cord under it. There were not enough stones...
TexasAnn · Review provided by QVC
March 04, 2021
I have had this thing for a few days and half of it already doesn't work! I was skeptical because of the reviews and I should have listen...
lpap · Review provided by QVC
Terrible Product
September 25, 2020
This was a waste of money. The motor in it is so loud you can not even hear the water trickling down the fountain. I wanted to hear the s...
muttsy · Review provided by QVC
stopped working overnight....
May 08, 2019
received this fountain put it together...very small but still cute. Was working just fine. I went to bed woke up and the fountain stopped...
nana3times · Review provided by QVC
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