20 reviews
October 15, 2020
No cramps, long lasting endurance, decent taste, no food coloring, low cost & mixes well. What else can be said? I have been an avid moun...
Kim Z. · Review provided by thefeed.com
Better Than Most
July 17, 2021
I've used the EFS product for 5 years and during that period First Endurance has modified the formulation 3 times. The same is true for m...
Steve · Review provided by als.com
my favourite electrolyte powder.
September 27, 2022
my favourite electrolyte product. subtle taste, easily digested, and with more sodium than other products. a go-to for both long workouts...
ben c. · Review provided by athleti.ca
January 13, 2020
I bought this stuff based on the rave reviews. I figured it would help me stave off a bonk on a 161 mile bike race. It was the biggest mi...
Timothy G. · Review provided by thefeed.com
EFS is a superior product
January 03, 2016
EFS is a superior product to other electrolyte drinks. During hot competitions during the warmer months on the bike I have noticed profou...
· Review provided by jensonusa.com
lots of sodium, good taste, good price
August 30, 2022
great to find an electrolyte product with this much sodium per serving and at this price. it tastes great too.
ben c. · Review provided by athleti.ca
February 11, 2021
I've used the EFS drink for years and generally been happy with the results. But....as with all things 1st Endurance the price has increa...
Steve F. · Review provided by thefeed.com
Cramps be Gone
March 21, 2015
This product works as advertised. I used Cytomax previously and still had issues with leg cramps after training rides. This product allev...
The Single Speed Man · Review provided by jensonusa.com
April 30, 2017
Cyclist; mid-50s. Converted from Hammer Perpetuem to this product, with great results. Don't miss the caffeine; do get better endurance a...
McKenzie P. · Review provided by thefeed.com
" I would buy this product again and again"
June 15, 2015
•delivery prompt •product arrive in good condition I Recommend this product for performance during your ride, I tray several brand and th...
Adrian · Review provided by jensonusa.com
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