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Good pool - terrible filter
July 10, 2019
The pool itself is great. It certainly meets our needs - the size we needed for the space we have, arrived on time, easy set up and seems...
Tamen · Review provided by walmart.com
Intex 15X48" pool
July 03, 2017
I ordered this pool online on 4-17-17. I had it set up a few days after we picked it up before the end of the month. I have no problem or...
Teri · Review provided by walmart.com
Medium quality
May 19, 2022
Weak seams at the bottom causing small leaks after only using last summer. I have now patched it twice. I have owned several of this bran...
Deb · Review provided by walmart.com
Small pool for kids
May 23, 2022
Kid pool, great for kids that are small. I have grandchildren that love it. They are 5 and 3years old. No real filter. Water sits, no mot...
angela · Review provided by walmart.com
Good for a short time
February 02, 2015
We purchased our Intex pool from Walmart. We brought it home to put it together and it was a nightmare. No matter how quick and easy the ...
caameronac · Review provided by viewpoints.com
Not top of the line pool
February 02, 2015
When we moved into our new house with a large backyard, I didn't want to take up all the space with an in ground pool when I knew I alrea...
mrshunkler417 · Review provided by viewpoints.com
June 16, 2013
The pool is deep enough for my five year old (average height) to swim but still be able to touch bottom without the water being above his...
KCIM · Review provided by walmart.com
good idea, decent price, but ripped 40 days
August 19, 2013
Quite honestly, I WOULD recommend the pool to potential buyers, but with some caveats We purchased the pool, largely, for our 3 boys (ag...
mtausig · Review provided by walmart.com
Okay So Far
July 11, 2013
I did some research before settling on this pool. Like the other reviews it does take more than 45 minutes to set up and the pins can be ...
Disappointed · Review provided by walmart.com
Has pros, has cons
May 15, 2012
We bought this pool last year (2011). I have a daughter in elementary school, and since we live in Las Vegas and don't have an inground p...
Juztme23 · Review provided by walmart.com
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