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Great for on the go writing
April 03, 2021
I got the pen as an everyday carry. It was important that the pen write no matter the environment I’m in at the time, and that it be legi...
Maria F. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Beautifully designed quality pen.
February 17, 2022
The Lamy Safari fountain pen is the lightest weight fountain pen I own and I love it. The flat areas on the barrel provide a perfect grip...
John W. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Love the color
January 17, 2022
The Marron jumped into my cart based purely on the color. After several months of using it almost every day, I still like the color. Whet...
Marc S. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Good but not great
December 16, 2021
So, my experience with this pen is that it is good, but not great. And I suppose that is to be expected from an entry level pen. It has g...
Jason · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Great Look - But Hard to Use
May 17, 2021
I really wanted to love this pen; my first ever fountain pen was a LAMY gifted to me by a german friend, and it was fantastic, so I had h...
Crystal B. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Lamy LX - Marron - Medium Nib
April 12, 2022
Color, appearance and feel are great. Has a sturdier metal body than the Safari. However, it does feel heavier as a result. Paired this p...
Gia · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Overall a nice pen
June 19, 2022
I’ll start by saying I’m new to the fountain pen world. With that said I thought this pen was ok. Not bad just not for me. I liked how sl...
Kimberly C. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Good First Fountain Pen
May 13, 2022
This is the first fountain pen I've owned and used. The included cartridge was easy to install (there are several YouTube videos showing ...
Alexander N. · Review provided by penboutique.com
Quite a good pen
August 09, 2020
The Lamy Vista was my second pen ever (I'm now up to nine) and it was my absolute favorite when I first got it. I had a Jinhao X750 befor...
Samantha W. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Great pen... maybe the tiniest bit of inconsistency in production?
February 22, 2021
This is my second lamy al-star, I got the blue one a few months earlier- both EF nib, both with lamy converters. I am overall happy with ...
· Review provided by gouletpens.com
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