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Nice scent - once you get it smoking
February 09, 2023
Well acquainted with incense sticks, but these were almost fireproof. Tried several, some burned, but then completely extinguished, no sm...
SilenceIsGolden · Review provided by Target
Couldn't Get Then To Light
August 25, 2022
We tried everything and could not get one of these to work. We tried at least half the packet in case we had a dud but they still wouldn'...
Taryn G. · Review provided by grove.co
Will Not Light
September 04, 2019
I was hoping to use these throughout summer evenings by the pool and when cooking out. Unfortunately, none of the sticks would light or b...
Angela F. · Review provided by grove.co
Don’t waste your money
May 25, 2021
I really had high hopes but these seemed to attract them more than anything. Maybe Louisiana bugs are just more aggressive. Save your mon...
Maggie W. · Review provided by grove.co
Won’t stay lit!
July 05, 2020
I loved the smell when I opened these and was hopeful. But no matter what I did they would not stay lit or burn properly. Just the tip wo...
Jessica M. · Review provided by grove.co
Didn't work at all
November 22, 2020
Sadly, these didn't work at all. We put them in planters surrounding our patio & the only place the 'squittos didn't go was in the thin l...
Barbara D. · Review provided by grove.co
Didn't work
September 08, 2019
I used this while camping with the candle and the spray. None of it worked at all. We had 2-4 burning around us and we were all getting e...
Sarah P. · Review provided by grove.co
They don't repel at all
August 29, 2019
While I do really like the smell and was realllly hoping they'd work, I put one by my boyfriend's feet & we just sat and watched mosquito...
Jewell B. · Review provided by grove.co
Was hopeful!
October 30, 2019
These just did not work for us. We have a small porch and lit the incense stick (as instructed) ahead of time by 10-15 minutes before goi...
Jennifer W. · Review provided by grove.co
Didn't make a difference
June 13, 2019
Didn't make a difference. There were still mosquitoes everywhere.
Jessica S. · Review provided by grove.co
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