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Setup hiccups but still awesum!
July 19, 2020
First and foremost The dpad and analogs on this controller is excellent the controller feels weighted in my hands has a good overall cons...
Carrie · Review provided by walmart.com
Phenomenal quality and no stick drift worries!
July 12, 2020
I couldn't be happier with mine. It feels like high end quality, and because it's not made by Nintendo, there's zero concern of ever gett...
Raymond · Review provided by walmart.com
Great value and bonus features on a comfortable controller that works
June 16, 2020
Much more comfortable than the joycons for people with bigger hands. The grips are big, the buttons are big, the D-pad is big; the contro...
stownick · Review provided by ebay.com
June 07, 2022
This is my favorite controller for my Nintendo Switch. The charge lasts a really long time, and there's been absolutely 0 issues with the...
madissen.g · Review provided by influenster.com
Easy Bluetooth pairing, good lasting battery
June 19, 2020
So far so good, this controller charged rather quickly using an iPad wall charger and the cable provided in the box. Good compatibility a...
JULIEN · Review provided by walmart.com
8BitDo SN30 Pro+ Bluetooth Gamepad – SN Edition
February 05, 2023
Very happy with the controller, nice retro design and feels ergonomic enough for the price, but I’ve been spoilt by being accustomed to a...
Ryan F · Review provided by thepihut.com
Good for d-pad, not so good for analog sticks.
June 03, 2020
This is a very well made, and very ergonomic controller when using the d-pad and face buttons. The problem with it is the thumbsticks. Th...
justin · Review provided by walmart.com
Nostalgia-tugging controller that is fantastic value-for-money
June 05, 2018
Compact, well made and reasonably priced, the SN30 Pro combines nostalgic aesthetics and input layout with the utility of analogue sticks...
jjgodden · Review provided by ebay.com
Great Bluetooth Controller
August 07, 2021
Very Comfortable and good bluetooth via. Like I could connect to my Samsung Galaxy A11 phone, my laptop (of course Microsoft Windows or M...
Nehemias Guzman · Review provided by Google
Solid Quality Corded Controller
December 24, 2019
Top quality controller. I find no fault in it's use with the switch and I'm surprised how often and consistently I choose it over any oth...
bikesandknives · Review provided by ebay.com
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