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Good TV - Lousy Remote
September 30, 2021
So I bought this TV because I thought that my 12 year old LN32B460 TV was failing. More on that later. I unboxed it and it was up and run...
Doug · Review provided by bestbuy.ca
I expected more from a Samsung TV
July 16, 2022
This is the first Samsung TV I have had and must admit to being a bit disappointed. The TV images are pretty good when you have spent so...
WeaselSW · Review provided by richersounds.com
Sports Lovers Beware
September 14, 2021
I purchased from a reputable retailer and sales new that Sport and Kayo were priorities. T.V. is great except Kayo footy is blurry and of...
Colox · Review provided by samsung.com
Disappointing. Returned to store
December 23, 2021
On paper this looked fantastic. In the store the picture looked great, better than other brands except the significantly pricier Sony. We...
Eakster · Review provided by Best Buy
Instructions Not Included !
November 14, 2021
I was so looking forward to getting this TV because I wanted good quality and a larger size, but I have been somewhat disappointed. I fou...
Notsmartenough · Review provided by Best Buy
Good TV, but........
December 07, 2021
Nice picture and I'm looking at the reviews. This is the 2nd TV that I have received (the 2nd one is a replacement of the 1st). BOTH TVs ...
TeeT · Review provided by Best Buy
Sound suffers but Beautiful Display
August 30, 2021
display is beautiful however the speakers are inefficient. they are not loud enough. i often find myself raising it to 100% and i have re...
Luis · Review provided by samsung.com
May 22, 2022
65inch model not sure how quality control is when they are built. my unit i received back near december of last year 2021. colors and pi...
dave · Review provided by samsung.com
September 21, 2021
About 3 days after setting this TV up, the TV started turning itself on indiscriminately. I would turn it off and a few hours later it wo...
BBCustomer · Review provided by Best Buy
This Product has some issues
September 24, 2021
The maximum volume was not consistent. Sometimes it was plenty loud and other times maximum volume only was what might be average listeni...
Buddha · Review provided by samsung.com
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