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Great monitor with one fatal flaw!
December 12, 2022
Almost perfect in every way except for one MAJOR flaw: It STILL suffers from the "screen door" effect when using the 240Hz mode. I though...
TechmanZ01 · Review provided by samsung.com
Too expensive for faulty monitor.
November 10, 2022
TDLR: Absolutely not worth the price, $350 flat fee to repair it even when they don't know what is wrong with it and it has multiple poin...
Lucian · Review provided by samsung.com
Too many point of failures.
November 10, 2022
The picture you see of my product is hdmi cable after struggling forever to get it to post. Menu button still doesn't work properly. Tdlr...
Zayne · Review provided by samsung.com
Good monitor for the price
July 28, 2022
Upgraded from my Q27T1, and I've been testing it for a week now, here are some pros and cons of this monitor. Pros: 1. 32 inch, wide enou...
Neverme · Review provided by verkkokauppa.com
Jack of All Trades!
May 03, 2022
This monitor does it all. It's perfect for being able to play all of my consoles and multitask. Optimal for watching videos and movies, p...
Voltro · Review provided by samsung.com
Ultra-wide is the new norm!
May 02, 2022
From the top, I received my Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 directly from SAMSUNG with no issues, dings, dead pixels or any damage upon delivery. ...
ULTIMATEGAMING · Review provided by samsung.com
Almost perfect, but a fatal flaw ruins this screen
December 03, 2022
Most expensive monitor I've ever bought, first curved monitor I've ever bought, first monitor above 30 inches I've ever bought. I'd give ...
AutoSleepFTL · Review provided by samsung.com
Good when it works.
December 10, 2022
Picture is pretty good. Auto source switching never works. HDR content often causes the monitor to restart, and get stuck in non HDR mode...
LemOnLime · Review provided by samsung.com
Great monitor with DP
May 02, 2022
As much as I intended for this to be my gaming monitor, I wound up using my TV for gaming instead (since it was 55 inch, 4K 120hz), and t...
Thortok2000 · Review provided by samsung.com
STUNNING Immersive 32in 1440p 240hz Monitor
October 11, 2021
This monitor (after 90 days of use) is the single best 32inch 1440p curved monitor I've ever used. I have 9 different monitors at this ti...
BossGeralt · Review provided by walmart.com
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