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A great budget phone
August 29, 2022
This phone is powered by 5000 mah battery and android 11. This phone is perfect for those whose needs are limited mostly to phone calls, ...
Adolfo · Review provided by walmart.com
Nice phone with good cell service.
September 09, 2022
This review is for the Utra Mobile Samsung Galaxy A03s - Prepaid Smartphone. Included in the box is a Samsung Galaxy A03s, a SIM ejector ...
OldGrayWolf · Review provided by walmart.com
Nimble & Elegant
December 17, 2022
The Samsung Galaxy A03s device is well designed. In my opinion the A03s is a more durable, toned version of the Apple 6 series hand held ...
TheCrypticWrangler998 · Review provided by samsung.com
Nice 5G enabled phone that's been given a bad rap !
April 20, 2022
Accepted this phone, with some trepidation, when my carrier switched to 5G. It was a choice between this phone or a Motorola G Pure, bot...
Robert Price · Review provided by Google
Decent Smart Phone - Not Fast Ultra Mobile
September 07, 2022
After turning on Galaxy A03s and inserting Ultra Mobile SIM card, setting up is straight forward. However, at one point, I found going on...
nemixus · Review provided by walmart.com
5G Capable Device , Lacks USB Charger
October 03, 2022
Bought the Samsung Galaxy A03s Smartphone at my local Walmart store. The smartphone is 5G capable if the area you live in has it. If not,...
Silverbae · Review provided by walmart.com
Replaced one I broke
January 24, 2023
I already had one of these and it worked fine until I dropped it and broke the screen. For the money it's actually pretty outstanding. Th...
· Review provided by themarket.com
Online Purchase First Smart Phone
February 09, 2022
This is my FIRST smart phone! I'm 73 and my old 3G flip phone was being phased out. I could have just switched to a newer flip capable of...
Old WRed · Review provided by att.com
Pretty good phone
September 07, 2022
The Galaxy AO3s is a pretty good phone. Takes decent pictures, excellent speakers for hearing whoever is on the other end of the line. It...
Hippygranny · Review provided by walmart.com
Decent phone & good service
September 14, 2022
The Samsung Galaxy AO3s is a decent phone. It's not a top of the line flagship Samsung but it is a fraction of the cost too. It does what...
HappyHomemaker · Review provided by walmart.com
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