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Great budget 2-in-1 laptop!
November 29, 2022
I am blown away by everything that is included for this price. I was specifically looking for a windows (not Chromebook) 2-1 laptop that ...
Mario · Review provided by walmart.com
Decent bargain laptop, runs Linux acceptably
December 22, 2022
Good value for the money. Some pros: touch screen works well, reasonable battery life. You can disable S mode through the windows store. ...
Nicholas · Review provided by walmart.com
Surprising little laptop!
December 30, 2022
As someone who is deep into IT this unit has all the things I'd say are those 'don't buy it' signs. The wifi is the outdated 2.4gz standa...
Robert · Review provided by walmart.com
Great for what its supposed to be!
April 29, 2022
I couldn't be more happy with it. It's not a gaming machine but its not supposed to be. Though it plays cloud gaming like Stadia perfectl...
BamaChad · Review provided by walmart.com
Perfect for me!
December 27, 2022
I had a Chromebook that was no longer going to receive updates. That upset me, so this time I replaced it with this Windows book because ...
ABeautifulLady · Review provided by walmart.com
Great light PC - Consider your needs!
December 31, 2022
It’s a great little notebook- within its niche. Running it on Win 10. So far, none of the hardware issues others have mentioned. But- if ...
Bill · Review provided by walmart.com
Luck strikes three times!
December 09, 2022
I bought a Black Friday computer last year from Walmart at almost the same price. Was diagnosed with cancer right after and am just now i...
QweenB · Review provided by walmart.com
A Value Laptop with a Premium Look
December 01, 2022
This Gateway mini-laptop offers great value. Even though it isn't the right computer for things like video editing or gaming, it does the...
WC · Review provided by walmart.com
MORE than what you pay for.
February 05, 2022
I came across this laptop while surfing the web. I was casually looking for a laptop to set beside my easy chair to do casual web activit...
ohiosky · Review provided by walmart.com
Cute little laptop! Works great!
March 21, 2022
I'm very happy I bought this laptop! It's smaller size makes it very portable, and it compares well in function with my larger new laptop...
Penny · Review provided by walmart.com
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