303 reviews
Doesn't work correctly
November 26, 2022
In theory this track would be great. But it doesn't do what it is suppose to. You have to slam the launcher so hard, and it still doesn't...
Keisha · Review provided by walmart.com
Great marketing, looks so fun in videos. NOT!
July 24, 2022
Very good construction, however didn't work like supposed to. Very disappointing to our 7 and 3 year old. But, They did like hitting the ...
Ava7 · Review provided by Smyths Toys
Too hard to use
June 18, 2022
The release lever was too hard to push. My toddler and husband could not get enough force for the car to go around and knock down the par...
Hotwheel mom · Review provided by Target
Dangerous Toy
January 02, 2023
This is a very dangerous toy. The cars fly off the track and hit anyone in their path.
Janet · Review provided by macys.com
Not Imprrssed
December 10, 2021
Difficult to set up as instructions are not clear enough. Card don’t stay on the track in the correct position often and when they do the...
Ros123 · Review provided by fisher-price.com
Producto comprado por internet no corresponde al que solicité
July 20, 2022
La pista si me gustó, lo que no me gustó es que mi compra venía cambiada por un juguete de Barbie, lo que me hizo esperar demasiado para ...
Carol J. · Review provided by hites.com
article non envoyé
February 22, 2023
DEDETTE · Review provided by Cdiscount
Pesima atencion en la entrega
December 05, 2022
Pesima atencion en la entrega por parte de los empleados de la tienda
Irene S. · Review provided by hites.com
August 06, 2022
me cancelaron la compra sin previo aviso, sin confirmación ni nada
Betzabe · Review provided by falabella.com
September 11, 2022
pesima compra
Xiomara · Review provided by falabella.com
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