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Missing some common sense out of the box.
October 26, 2022
I've never been so frustrated in the first week of owning a phone as I have with owning the Galaxy S10. Don't get me started on Bixby and...
Jay Barnes · Review provided by Google
Overhyped and hardly works anymore.
May 18, 2021
I've had my phone for around a year at this point, which isn't a very long time at all. Out of every phone I've owned, this is by far the...
SuperRetro64 · Review provided by Google
June 07, 2022
This phone and its screen are indestructible, so it's got that going for it. Still doesn't make up for the single worst camera phone I...
Steve S. · Review provided by Google
No More Samsung Phones For Me
January 28, 2021
After owning two LG smartphones I thought I would try a Samsung since my son had one and it seemed like a nice phone. Talk about mistakes...
swaff · Review provided by vzw.com
Subpar phone for having several gens already
February 07, 2021
Most of these reviews seem to be for different phones, not the S10. I had an S8 prior to the S10 and loved it. I got the S10 for my upgra...
Cortney Denbow · Review provided by Google
Samsung doesn't want you to buy its phones anymore
April 03, 2021
I am not sure if the issues my husband and I are having are Samsung issues or Verizon issues. But my next phone is going to be an Apple. ...
EWilde · Review provided by bestbuy.com
This phone is garbage
November 11, 2020
Switched from an iPhone to the galaxy S5 years ago and the S5 was probably the best phone I ever had. Since then I had a few other samsun...
Nope · Review provided by vzw.com
Pretty Big Dissapointment
May 17, 2022
Pros: - Basically the same as any smart phone Cons: - Texting anyone on Iphone messes with the messages(photos I receive are 8 bit) - Sup...
Zilv · Review provided by samsung.com
Wish I wouldn't have bought it
February 02, 2021
The only plus to this phone is the camera. The 3 most frustrating things are the sounds/notifications not working properly. The voice-mai...
Frustrated2021 · Review provided by samsung.com
Very glitchy
April 28, 2021
I've been a galaxy user for most of my smartphone life. S3 was great, S5 was the zenith. S7 added more ability but was not reliable and h...
LJ · Review provided by Google
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