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Just needs HDMI 2.1 for perfection.
March 15, 2021
Since I’ve been working from home, I’ve been looking for a monitor that would be able to match up with my MacBook Pro and provide me eye ...
Verdansk Reaper · Review provided by LG
Awesome but
September 10, 2022
I have been daily driving the LG27GN950 for about 6 months now. Its awesome in many ways but the only downsides are - you can notice the ...
Anshul · Review provided by LG
Mostly Perfect aside from overheating.
December 31, 2021
This monitor is great. I run it with an RTX 3080 and am always using it at 4K resolution. I do have one slight issue with it though. When...
AK00 · Review provided by LG
Fantastic Monitor, great features, rough setup
August 24, 2021
I got this monitor from Amazon, noticed a significant price difference because it was sold as a business monitor instead of a consumer-gr...
demidenizen · Review provided by LG
Excellent Monitor, a few quirks
June 12, 2021
I was waiting for a 4k, 144Hz, HDR monitor that had HDMI 2.1 for a very long time. I mean a very, very long time. This monitor released a...
loudmog · Review provided by LG
Very very nice.
July 08, 2022
Excellent visuals. The high refresh rate is especially appreciated when playing games. I have the 27 inch monitor that fits perfectly int...
27GN950B · Review provided by LG
Best of the new 4k144 crop, with some quirks.
June 11, 2021
Read the RTINGS review for detailed tests on color accuracy and pixel response - I’m not equipped to test those parameters, and qualitati...
color accuracy matters · Review provided by LG
Great monitor but missing Auto input switch
May 23, 2021
It brought joy to me when I heard that this monitor comes with HDMI 2.1! I could finally connect to my PS5 for 120 Hz. I definitely enjoy...
waiwaiwai · Review provided by LG
It's so good!
January 06, 2021
This is my first 144Hz monitor and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a 60Hz and on that is much faster...
Dead Meat · Review provided by LG
HDMI 2.1 is Here!
May 16, 2021
Been waiting for these HDMI 2.1 capable monitors. Very happy it arrived via FedEx today. Connected to my 3080 using the included hdmi cab...
Supraboy · Review provided by LG
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