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Good hardware bad operating system
September 10, 2021
Good hardware hamstrung by operating system. To call this device “Pro” is a joke. A single port, headphone jack removed, no ability to ru...
ocimpean · Review provided by Best Buy
Incredible Quality
September 17, 2021
I picked up an iPad a number of years ago used off of Craigslist. I had gotten an Apple TV as a gift and traded it and some money for an ...
Rapture · Review provided by Best Buy
Portable, powerful, and it just works.
January 04, 2022
I returned to Apple after being away for many years (last experience with iPhone and iPad was 2013). Upon returning to Apple, I was pleas...
TJGEsq · Review provided by Best Buy
6 months and into the trash
July 28, 2022
I have been a die hard Apple fan since 1983 when I first saw the original 128k Mac (which I still own today) I have spent countless money...
Alan · Review provided by bhphotovideo.com
Refused there pre black friday sale on second item
December 04, 2021
For the I-Pad yes, has a beautiful picture speed everything. The rest of the sale we were very disapointed for we wanted to purchase anot...
Nomad · Review provided by Best Buy
Coming from an Android fanboy
June 07, 2021
You are probably looking at me and going, typical Android fanboy not giving this tablet full stars. If so, you are probably going to crit...
Sanguine · Review provided by Best Buy
The Future at your fingertips!
September 03, 2021
I got this tablet for I heard that the M1 chip is coming to the iPad and let me tell you that, this iPad is really good! From the start, ...
Sanders · Review provided by walmart.com
I really wanted to love this
May 14, 2022
I really wanted to like this ipad. I've been looking for months. I finally got it and while I like it, it doesn't compare to my buddy's n...
pete · Review provided by walmart.com
Son of the king of tablets... prince I guess
June 04, 2021
This is a truly magnificent feat to have an Apple M1 desktop-grade processor in an 11-inch tablet body. The 11-inch does not feature the ...
Eric · Review provided by Best Buy
Still the King
June 01, 2021
If you need a quality tablet there is no real alternative to the iPad. Yes, there are Samsung Galaxy Tab line and those devices are great...
vdoc · Review provided by Best Buy
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