134 reviews
Another improved version of the origonal
January 20, 2023
This is a nice improvement to the original game. This does usually have longer gameplay than the original. We have decided that the blank...
ilktkm · Review provided by Target
This is OBVIOUSLY an add on
December 06, 2022
For the reviews that say that this item "sucks", or that the game, "goes by too fast", or that, "there's no point to the game", do you no...
Heather P · Review provided by Target
My littles LOVED this!
May 13, 2022
My kids absolutely love playing UNO. The 6 year old twins and 4 year old brother all enjoy making up their own "wild" rules with the orig...
AmandaK · Review provided by walmart.com
Best Version Yet
April 19, 2023
Received this game as a gift and I’m SHOCKED to see so many low reviews! We have had a blast with this game! Everyone we’ve played with h...
Djoliet · Review provided by Target
Fun Twist
February 26, 2022
This game is quicker to play than other verisons. It is also STRATEGIC! Once all players understand the concepts, the game will last long...
DiiDeeK · Review provided by Target
Fun to play with the whole family
December 28, 2021
We play the Original Uno game frequently, so I was interested to see how long it would take to catch onto the Uno All Wild rules. Surpris...
BHolbert · Review provided by mattel.com
Best Game Ever
December 10, 2021
Our family has played all different variations of Uno and Uno Wild is by far the best. It is easy to understand, easy to set up and fun t...
maymom2 · Review provided by mattel.com
Non-stop laughter!
December 18, 2021
Non-stop laughter! This version of UNO, is a wonderful addition to their amazing line up! The children found it exciting and it held thei...
Rogue 1 · Review provided by mattel.com
Family Game Night
January 22, 2023
We loved playing this game! It helped pass the time after Hurricane Ian destroyed Fort Myers. My son and I became rather competitive over...
007fan · Review provided by Target
Awesome family fun
December 29, 2022
Game was fast paced and great for a family gathering or game night. The little ones to the parents everyone was having so much fun! Would...
Tyamaguchi09 · Review provided by mattel.com
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