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Motor Sounds
April 24, 2017
Very easy directions and set up, but I feel like I missed something. I can hear the motor more clearly than the water running. I've tried...
Karren · Review provided by walmart.com
Not Worth It!
October 06, 2019
Started out very Pretty, after month the light went,motor was still working, but the light went out for no reason. The light is the best ...
ckspice · Review provided by walmart.com
June 26, 2020
Got this in mid-February and the light has already gone out (and the company claims that it cannot be replaced). Otherwise it's a gorgeou...
Elizabeth · Review provided by walmart.com
Soundless fountain
March 01, 2022
This product is sold as a fountain with a soothing sound but it is soundless. If you are buying it for the sound of water, this is the wr...
Andrea · Review provided by walmart.com
This fountain worked perfectly for
August 13, 2014
This fountain worked perfectly for about two weeks- long enough that I was confident throwing the receipt away. Now about a week later th...
Jessie · Review provided by homedics.com
Not what they used to be
April 29, 2015
After a month of on and off use, the lights simply dont work anymore. The selection everywhere has diminished and so has the quality. The...
MsIndicisive · Review provided by walmart.com
Like a toy!
January 14, 2013
This is a VERY tiny fountain. Did not realize how small it was. The size would not have been a problem if it made a little more noise. Th...
Baylorbear · Review provided by Bed Bath & Beyond
March 02, 2023
After 4 months the light stopped working. The pump is okay.
tarzanandjayne · Review provided by homedics.com
3 Weeks in
April 12, 2019
Motor also started buzzing louder than the actual water sounds, I really love the product just really hope the motor issue can be fixed b...
Haas · Review provided by homedics.com
Light did not last
May 08, 2010
I loved this fountain when I first received it, looks good in my zen style bedroom. I had to play with the rocks for a while to get the s...
Denoisa · Review provided by walmart.com
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