287 reviews
Very relaxing and cute
July 10, 2017
I really like this product! Definitely make sure you follow the instructions carefully so that the fountain works as it should. Most impo...
Courtney · Review provided by walmart.com
HoMedics EnviraScape Silver Springs
September 26, 2015
I bought this for my middle school classroom. My students like it and I keep it in an area that I call my zen corner. When students are h...
katie214 · Review provided by walmart.com
Can't beat it for the price!
March 01, 2012
This is my first water fountain, and after reading other reviews and following the directions to the T, the fountain has been working wel...
romster01 · Review provided by walmart.com
We like this fountain
January 04, 2010
The little light is great too...sometimes the light tends to go off, but I just roll the little switch on the cord to turn the whole powe...
PurpleEverything · Review provided by walmart.com
Attractive fountain
December 10, 2020
Works good, looks nice but light burnt out quickly. It makes a nice sound and visual effect to any room but you will probably want to add...
Teresa · Review provided by walmart.com
Good little product-stone placement is everything
August 31, 2014
Pumps water very smoothly and quietly. Nice light is on top. Gave me plenty (actually too many) rocks to work with. Very soothly noise, n...
Cynthia · Review provided by walmart.com
Simple to assemble and looks great
January 06, 2021
Gave it as a gift to my husband for Christmas for his office, so the water sounds in the background can be relaxing during his hectic wor...
Vani · Review provided by homedics.com
I had this product for
September 15, 2011
I had this product for about a week. It works GREAT. At first, you have to play around with the rocks and keep adjusting them time after ...
Jon · Review provided by homedics.com
Great product for the money.
May 03, 2012
Great product for the money. A bit smaller that I expected. Easy assembly and a very quite motor. Great for my bathroom vanity counter wh...
Shasha · Review provided by homedics.com
If you want the sound
February 14, 2011
If you want the sound of water, this is the fountian for you. It may look simple when you take it from the box, but the open basin in the...
· Review provided by homedics.com
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