287 reviews
Works great
July 13, 2015
If I could attach pictures I would but I think I found a great set up for great water trickling noise. We will start at the top and work...
Jeff · Review provided by walmart.com
Silent (in a bad way), cheap construction
April 01, 2021
I guess the saying you get what you pay for is true. The assembly is pretty cheap feeling and kind of cheap looking. The lights aren’t ve...
Cynthia · Review provided by walmart.com
Very Soothing- Looks Great
September 06, 2017
I enjoy this product. The first one had a leak in the base, so I exchanged it for another one. This one is great. (When you first get any...
Julgaff · Review provided by walmart.com
Happy cat
August 12, 2019
Based on on line reviews I purchased to for for the cat and the house. After setting it up and turning it on the cat Sat down and starred...
happyinmadison · Review provided by walmart.com
Very relaxing and cute
July 10, 2017
I really like this product! Definitely make sure you follow the instructions carefully so that the fountain works as it should. Most impo...
Courtney · Review provided by walmart.com
HoMedics® EnviraScape™ Silver Springs Fountain
June 13, 2013
I have had 2 of these fountains for many years and even given them as gifts. The LED reflection off the silver colored layers and moving ...
Alby27 · Review provided by Bed Bath & Beyond
HoMedics EnviraScape Silver Springs
September 26, 2015
I bought this for my middle school classroom. My students like it and I keep it in an area that I call my zen corner. When students are h...
katie214 · Review provided by walmart.com
Can't beat it for the price!
March 01, 2012
This is my first water fountain, and after reading other reviews and following the directions to the T, the fountain has been working wel...
romster01 · Review provided by walmart.com
We like this fountain
January 04, 2010
The little light is great too...sometimes the light tends to go off, but I just roll the little switch on the cord to turn the whole powe...
PurpleEverything · Review provided by walmart.com
Attractive fountain
December 10, 2020
Works good, looks nice but light burnt out quickly. It makes a nice sound and visual effect to any room but you will probably want to add...
Teresa · Review provided by walmart.com
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