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Good case but external rubber leaves something to
September 06, 2022
First, it's a good case. I'm a huge clutz, and so this case helps me a lot by making sure I don't break my phone. I have used OtterBox si...
Robert · Review provided by OtterBox
Pixel 5 OtterBox Defender Pro Case
March 02, 2021
The only reason I'm giving this case 4 stars is because it is very expensive and in my humble opinion, overpriced. But it is much cheaper...
MINTFan · Review provided by bestbuy.com
January 01, 2021
I have an Otterbox Defender for my Iphone 12 pro, 8 plus and now my Pixel 5. The reason why I bought the Otterbox Defender was because my...
Seng · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Beyond pleased!! Negative reviews are sus...
August 05, 2021
I was surprised to see so many of lackluster reviews for these cases, but I bought it anyway. (Pixel 5 version) mostly because after read...
Jon G · Review provided by OtterBox
Best Pixel 5 protection available on bestbuy.com
November 05, 2020
It's an OtterBox defender - not much needs to be said! If you are familiar with this series of cases on recent devices, a big difference ...
Austin · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Amazing case like all the previous ones I've owned
December 18, 2020
Very nice case. Much better fitting then my Pixel 2 Defender Case and that was a 5 star case too. Dropped my old phone loads of times ove...
Jordan · Review provided by bestbuy.com
VERY Disappointing
April 15, 2021
I've purchased many Otterbox cases over the years and have always been extremely satisfied - until now. I purchased the Defender Pro case...
Gratefuled · Review provided by OtterBox
Good but the rubber stretches over time
August 06, 2021
Purchased the case about 8 month ago and noticed that I have trouble with wireless charging on my pixel stand. Never had an issue before....
SGE1899 · Review provided by OtterBox
Love this case
December 18, 2020
This case is great. I bought it for my husband cause he terrible with his phone. He's always breaking his phones. So I decided not this t...
Ashbash86 · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Best Case
May 05, 2021
I have used otterbox cases since the iphone 3gs days. I love otterbox cases they are the best around . I recently bought a Google Pixel 5...
HanslovesOtterbox · Review provided by OtterBox
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