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Perfect Windows Experience
August 21, 2022
When looking for thin & lite laptop that had high end productivity features, I researched many different models with me settling on the M...
Gadgetmang · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Former Mac user turned PC
October 31, 2022
I’ve been using MacBooks for 15 years and got tired of where macOS is going and all the issues I was having. I have a 2017 MacBook Pro wi...
RedRage00 · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Quick & Pleasant!
September 22, 2021
I've only been using it for about a week now, so keep in mind this does not cover long-term usage, but the laptop seems excellent so far....
Max · Review provided by bestbuy.ca
Fantastic College Student Laptop
January 26, 2022
This laptop is the perfect laptop for college students. I am currently a sophomore in college and have been using this laptop for over si...
jakomill · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Probably the best Windows laptop
December 16, 2022
I am not a windows fan and have been using a Mac Book Pro for more than 10 years for a variety of reasons. My wife works in the finance s...
ankie · Review provided by bestbuy.com
A Clear Winner!
June 04, 2022
Was looking for a touchscreen laptop that did not include that 2 hinge 360 (2 in 1) design. Not that many premium choices. My wife decide...
Edwin · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Best Laptop I’ve Ever Owned - Ironman Battery Life
December 23, 2022
I’ve been a Dell and Toshiba devotee all my life. Always capable performers, but terrible battery life. My most recent Dell Inspiron 13 w...
esackley · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Best Laptop ever!
May 26, 2023
This laptop was purchased for school as I don’t attend a traditional brick and mortar but online school. Since the first power on of this...
JoeD · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Light and Great for day-to-day applications
May 02, 2021
Feature Overview: • Sleek design, thin, lightweight, powerful and portable for day to day use. Great touch display with max resolution o...
TechGeek · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Mac but not a Mac
September 01, 2021
This laptop is the closest thing you'll get to a mac without being a mac. Build quality is superb, only thing I wish I had was a slightly...
jherdani · Review provided by ebay.com
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